30 November 2013

In the wee hours.

Last Saturday, in my Aunt and Uncle's home in Green Lake, at 5am, I woke in time to see my family off for deer hunting.
I set up my sewing machine in the window, waiting for the sun to rise to snap this picture...
While my family was out hunting deer (a practice I'm a bit uncomfortable with, but somewhat accustomed to), I stitched my quilt top together.
I paused to tend the fire.
I paused to tend to the dog.
I paused to take a nap.
Slowly the rows of my quilt were joined.
Quartered Log Cabin Rows
And before the sun set I had a quilt top.
Assembled top - Quartered Log Cabins
And when the hunters arrived home with their deer (4 big bucks), I oohed and aahed at their size and their antlers.  And the hunters oohed and aahed at my quilt.  We may not have felt as much admiration as we expressed, but being together made me thankful.  Happy thanksgiving, ya'll!

tutorial for this quilt block here: Quartered Log Cabin Tutorial


  1. Lovely quilt! I dream about days like the one you just described! Maybe someday 20 years from now when my kids are off to college. ;)

  2. Rossie, this is a lovely story. My men hunt and I fish and quilt. Love this quilt, so fast, its just what I need for a quick Christmas Quilt!

    1. Have fun with it! I'd love to see what you make!

  3. it's just AWESOME! i think i am going to try one of these using some gray/white fabrics i bought recently. but even better would be with color though... this is just so lovely - thanks for the inspiration Rossie!


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