14 January 2013

Uncharacteristic behavior (part 1)

Oh my goodness, I'm making a quilt from a pattern!

My friend Brenda (of Just a Bit Frayed and Pink Castle Fabrics) got me going on a quilt-along via Instagram hashtag and Flickr group. It's an informal thing where anyone can join at any time.

The tutorial for these "x & + blocks"is over on Badskirt's blog.  I think Badskirt's tutorial makes an 8" block.  Brenda posted instructions for a 12" block in the flickr group.  I ended up going larger.

Why? I have been dying to use this yard of blue fabric from Lizzy House in a way that featured it and I saw an opportunity with this block.  A fabric pull (100% stash!) confirmed my suspicions.
Okay, I'm in! #xplusalong

I didn't want to cut the blue fabric too small, because I love the little drawings and wanted them to show up whole at least some the the time! So I put on my thinking cap and figured out how to make the block even bigger: 24"square.  Here's my little diagram:
To make a 24" X & + block
The way you piece the 5.5" square and 10.5" squares produces some waste, but I've been stitching the waste as I cut it away and hope to use it in some improv work later (they should trim down to 4.5" half-square triangles).

As you can see, the constellations fabric shows so many of the fabulous drawings:
First block

Added bonus: 12 blocks = a twin size quilt!


  1. Fantastic!
    I was looking at this hashtag yesterday thinking this block might suit me more than the scrapytripalong that I wanted to take part in but I have lots of stash, not scraps, and am worried the latter would waste my fabrics a bit... this block would feature them! Off to look at the flickr group. Look forward to seeing your come along.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, sometimes fabrics want to be in big blocks!

  2. wow! looks beautiful! I'm hoping to jump in on one of these 'alongs' soon!

  3. Dang, that green print is so cool & the scale is HUGE!

    1. I know! It's a favorite of mine for sure.

  4. Fantastic! I was planning on going big with mine, and how nice you are to give me the measurements so that I don't have to figure it out for myself!

  5. There are HEDGEHOGS in that sky!

  6. fantastic - i love this block, too, and made a couple for a bee mate, but knew i'd never do a whole quilt of them in that scale - but 24"? you betcha. thx!


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