12 January 2013

On Documentation

I realized, when moving house this summer, and coming across my old photo albums, that I had been doing a pretty crap job of keeping a photo album.

I've never been one to preserve extensive documentation of my life and I am, in fact, in the habit of burning my journals as quickly as I fill them up.  For so many things, I don't need to remember them, it was enough to live them.  However, I do like to keep a bit of documentation...snapshots of close friends, places I go often, things that are special to me, and remembrances of travels.  One of my prize possessions is an album of photos from my childhood.
Me, Aged 5
So, I decided to ease back into some documentation of my life.
My rules:
  • It's got to complement what I'm already doing (taking snapshots with my iPhone, posting on Instagram, and saving little bits of paper from events).
  • It's got to be simple.  
  • It's got to be cheap.
I think I've found a solution:
Thanksgiving Spread

What's this?  Well, I've used Printstagram to print some of my Instragram photos and I'm glueing them into a SmashBook with notes and odds and ends.

printstagram pile

I picked up a Smash Book at Joann's.  I think I first heard about Smash Books on Instragram...it's a pretty neat concept, it's spiral bound and has thick, patterned papers already in there, some with doodles.  There are different styles of Smash Books, I liked the modern, neutral look of this one:
Smash Book cover
At Joann's (and I've also seen them at Meijer--a Michigan grocery store and at Target) it's possible to flip through the books and see which you like best.  They have different papers and themes.  But if you want to take my word for it that the red one is awesome, you can order through Amazon over here: Smash Book in Red Doodle ($13)

I've been doing pretty well at keeping up with this book!  I even put Christmas in there already.  I don't celebrate Christmas, but ye ol' boyfriend does, so I did my best not to ruin it for him.
Christmas Spread

As long as we're talking Christmas, look at what I did to the tree...selvedges as tinsel!
Selvedge Tinsel
The bottom is bare because a certain puppy likes to eat socks and I figured the same would go for selvedges.
Little Vin
Better safe than sorry where little Vin and her little nose are concerned!

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  1. My Persian cat loved tinsel. Not pleasant. I'll think I'l have to go looking for a Smashbook. I've been thinking about the pictures, or severe lack thereof, in my life. Thank you.

    1. You're welcome! Pets are always getting themselves in trouble and keeping life interesting!

  2. I think I'm in love with "little Vin" ~ adorable!! Thanks for the motivation too ~ I've been meaning to make some photo books, and those Smashbooks look awesome :)

    1. She's super cute and a lot of fun! Good luck with your photos!

  3. eeeeeep, that pup! She is adorable!! She may also have a biscuit ;-)

    1. She'd love that. She'd be eternally devoted.

  4. Where in Joann did you find your Smashbook? I checked the Joann ETC in Ann Arbor and they didn't know what I was talking about. Also, where in Meijer? Thanks!

    1. They are just sort of in with all the scrapbooking stuff!


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