18 July 2012

Sleeping, Setting Up, and Playing with Fabric

For the next month, a friend from Cincinnati is going to stay with me. She's in town for a summer course. I've given her the master bedroom:

It's a lovely place to sleep and I will miss it, but I've noticed that when I have guests and I put them in the guest/craft room, I find it tricky to stay out of there!  So, I've decided that I should sleep in the craft room as it is much easier to pack out my clothing (the only thing that is stored in the master bedroom) than to try to make do without all my fabric, my sewing machine, my desks. Especially right now since the craft room is a super-duper mess as I'm half-moved into my studio (I'll do a proper post on all of that soon, but here's a sneak peek!)

I slept in the craft/guest room all last week while my mom was in town.  There's a lovely little bed which is made all the cozier by one of my favorite quilts: The DoublePlusGood Quilt:

Because I've been curling up under this quilt, and because people ask me repeatedly about the fabrics in this quilt, and because I was over at my friend Brenda's house (aka Pink Castle Fabrics) and spotted one of my favorite prints from this quilt,  I pulled a bunch of fabrics to make a blogger bundle for her shop.

If you'd like to purchase this bundle, you can find it here: http://www.pinkcastlefabrics.com/collections/precuts-blogger-bundles

The bundle includes two fabrics that are identical to what I used, the Headliner print and the Lichen shot cotton.  But, since most of the fabrics I used are out of print, I had fun picking out new things that are similar to the mix I used.  The colors are basically "copper as it ages" + neutrals.  There is a mix of prints, solids, and luxury solids (crossweaves, shot cottons.)  All of the prints have un-blotchy all-over patterns (i.e., they are blenders or geometrics.)  Prints with numbers and text show up a lot.

If you want to make a quilt with patchwork similar to mine, check out Lollyquitz's tutorial on Liberated Cross Blocks:  http://lollyquiltz.blogspot.com/2010/04/liberated-cross-blocks.html

And read through my posts about my quilt on my blog:  The DoublePlusGood Quilt (process posts)