20 December 2012

A Whole Lotta Log Cabins

Remember when this:
sorting out the charm pack
became this?
making log cabins
If not, check out that that old post: Glimma by Lotta Jansdotter

Well, now I've got this:
Glimma Log Cabin Quilt Top

Glimma Log Cabin Quilt Top

It's a generous twin-sized quilt at 68" x 95"
It's always fun to finish a major stage in a project, but getting a bed-size bit of patchwork done is an extra rush.  I mean, it took hours to go from having the top laid out on the design wall to being all stitched together!  I always forget how long that stage can take!

Speaking of a the design wall, I tried to make a video of myself putting the blocks up and then rearranging (and rearranging) (and rearranging) them, but something went wrong and I ended up with no video.  This series of photos will have to do:
picking a layout for a log cabin quilt

My favorite blocks are the craziest ones:
Log Cabin Block

This is a bit of Glimma in the middle, then some solids, XOXOXO from a few years ago, Atelier & Akiko (I just love the line-drawing quality!) from a few years ago, a bit of a gray chevron sheet from Target, then some of Lotta's Bella birds, which I used fabric paint to stamp on with an art stamp from Carolyn Friedlander (bought at Quilt Market this fall) and some stamps from The Small Object (bought years ago at Renegade Craft Fair).
Log Cabin Block

And this one...ooo I just love that Seedpods in Mustard print.  It's a hand-printed fabric; I bought it from from Maze & Vale on etsy not too long ago.  I used up the pieces I had and just might use some holiday money to replace it.  The mushroom print is also from Maze & Vale.  And again we've got a little bit of Glimma, some solids, some Atelier & Akiko.  Plus, a little bit of Heather Ross that has been in my stash for years (I actually had yardage of that one at some point and now I'm down to scraps.)  I just love cutting fabric up and sewing it back together!

Random tip:
I love using these file labels to mark the blocks once I've sorted out their placement.
Tip for quilters: Use file labels to mark quilt blocks
I find them easier to use than masking tape, just mark the labels, cut the block in half, and stick them on the fabric!  They are a little pricier than using masking tape, but I usually get them by adding them into Amazon orders in order to get my order total to $25 and qualify for free shipping.  So, basically, they pay for themselves.  :-)

I'm not going to quilt the Glimma Log Cabin quilt just yet.  I had a lot of interesting suggestions when I posted about the the quilting part of quilting (the comments are worth going back over!) and so I'm going to try to make a few adjustments to my quilting space(get those gloves, cut a hole in the table, etc) and then quilt one quilt a month in 2013!  Woot!


  1. that's fab. I love the order in the chaos.

  2. Wonderful! Love the light to dark progression.

  3. Beautiful. Log cabin is one of my faves and I love your arrangement. Reminds me I need to get a design board up soon. Have you seen the Post-it tape? It is perfect for temporary labels.

    1. I'll check out the post-it tape. Once you go design wall, you never go back!

  4. Love it - the play on value is brilliant!

  5. Love the combination of the light and dark logs and their arrangement. Thanks for sharing the process.

  6. Love how it turned out and love that you shared the process. Can't wait to copy-cat some ideas from you!

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  8. Ooooo... This has such depth and movement. This quilt is going to be stuck in my mind for the next days and weeks to come.

  9. I love this quilt! Can't wait to get hold of some Glimma.

  10. I absolutely love this Rossie! I haven't been on blogs in ages and have really enjoyed checking out your work :)

  11. Just gorgeous Rossie! Thanks for sharing the process.


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