31 July 2011


Thanks for the book recommendations!  My friends in DC took pity on me and passed along some of the books they had, but I've added your recommendations to my Paperback Swap wishlist!

I know I’ve mentioned that my possessions are in storage this summer, but I think I’ve spared you from long-winded complaints about the process of moving out of my apartment. I will continue to spare you, but suffice to say that place was like Mary Poppins’s purse gone wrong...I couldn’t believe how long it took to pack up my stuff.

The good news is, there will be a lot less to unpack. Because about a third of my things (yes, truly, a third) were sold or donated instead of being moved and stored.  I only packed things that I found truly beautiful or useful and then rest went bye-bye--clothes, kitchen stuff, books, everything.

I even went through every piece of paper, putting them into four piles: keep, recycle, shred, and burn.
The “burn” box contained old drafts of my dissertation, which I no longer need, but felt I needed to let go of in some sort of ceremony; burning them on Grandma’s farm was an awesome release.

I found the process of editing down my furniture and decorative things the most interesting, it really clarified what it is that I like and want to have in my house. As opposed to what I like, but don’t want/need in my house.

When it came to decorative things, I was especially brutal in my cutbacks. Because I love going to thrift stores while travelling and I wanted to be armed with a well-honed aesthetic. When I first fell in love with milk glass, I bought milk glass stuff whenever I was it at the thrift stores, now I am way picky about the designs and cleanliness of the items, and won't buy things that are priced too highly; so I end up passing over most of what I see.

I also have a color scheme picked out for my new place., based on this picture from the Garnet Hill catalog:
This helps in my purchasing.  These are, by the way, basically the colors I already have going with my stuff, especially my favorites!

I’ve been lucky in thrift stores so far on my trip, most things got packed into my car without being photographed, but here are some early favorites.

steel drawers with case and feet $2.99

Shower Curtain $1.99

Pyrex bowl $2.99
 (my parent’s one-eyed dog PRICELESS)

22 July 2011

On the road

Traveling is going really well.  Since leaving Wisconsin, I’ve gone through Canada (Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City) Maine (Greenville, Bar Harbor, Portland) Vermont (Woodstock, Burlington)  Massachusetts (Boston area) and am now in the Washington DC area.  That’s just listing the places I’ve slept, there have been day trips to other locales, including up a few mountains, down a few gorges, and down several rivers.

Last Import-96

I haven’t been taking very many pictures because I just haven’t been in the mood.  I realize some people might find this horrifying, but I’m not one to ruin a vacation through my efforts to document my vacation.

I did snap the moose I saw. He's just a little guy, probably 2 years old.
Last Import-89

Also, fabric stores.  All of the fabric stores I found in Toronto looked like this:
Last Import-47 
My friend who was with me for the Canada stretch said they were "scary"  I was more of a mind that they were fascinating.

I made it to a fabric store in Maine (Ale Wives) and was pleased to find that it looked like this:
ale wives fabric store

I also found a few in Vermont, just by chance (walking by) because Yelp and Garmin didn't know of any and my friend in Burlington didn't have a phone book.  Fabric store owners: if you aren't listed on Yelp, add yourself.

I haven't gotten much hand-stitching done as I seem to pick up a book rather than my sewing kit when I have a moment to myself; I've sped through Katherine, When We Were OrphansOh My Stars, The Swan Thieves, The Left Hand of Darkness this month alone.  I left Michigan with stack of books in my car, acquired over the year for free from Paperback Swap, it is slowly dwindling away, so I may have to hit a bookstore soon.  Maybe I can find a used one.  What summer reading have you been enjoying?  Any recommendations in the category of literature-but-not-depressing?