25 February 2011


Thanks for commiserating with me over my car accident!    I am just fine and already 2/3rds done with my shopping list: thread and ibuprofin, not the rather more expensive car.  I don't drive to work (I bus or walk) so I am not in a hurry when it come to the car.
Speaking of walking distance…Ann Arbor now has its own branch of the Modern Quilt Guild! And they meet at the Downtown library, which is rather perfectly half-way between my work and home.

I went to the Quilt Guild in Brighton during the summer months, but most of the year I have a scheduling conflict with their Monday meetings (boo…).   I'm excited to have a group that's so close to my home and that meets on Wednesdays!  I'll probably do both guilds during the summer when my schedule is looser and the days are longer.

It's always fun to go to guild meetings, find out what other people are up to, ask questions, and give advice. 

Have you looked at the list of people that took the Process Pledge lately?  547 people!  It's more than I can follow on a regular basis, but I had some extra time today and decided to let random.org send me to a few blogs.  I looked at quite a few, here are the ones that were posting about their process:

#417 is Seams Sew Creative ... Janice is starting a new quilt soon and will be blogging each step.  Sounds awesome!

#436 is Bella Lou who just posted a tutorial for making a lovely cushion cover:

#387 is a photographer and beachcomber: Quercus Design.  I love this post about picking up plastic out of a moral obligation and then starting to find it beautiful. 

23 February 2011


It's that time of year where as soon as I cross one thing off of my to do list, two more get added.  So, I've been working 12+ hours a day and struggling not to totally crash out as soon as I get home each night.  Luckily, next week is "spring" break at school, so I'll have some more time to myself and I'll be able to do more than work and crash, work and crash.

Speaking of crashing...look what happened to my car!

Poor baby!  All he ever did was drive 217,000 in 16 years and be a good handsome boy.  And then some silly driver rear-ended him and pushed him into the car he was behind (which hit the next car, which hit the next car.) Oi vey.  Luckily no one was hurt.  I was a little bit achey the next day, nothing that an ibuprofin wouldn't have taken care of, but the funny thing is, I was on my way to buy some ibuprofin when the crash occurred.

I was also on my way to the fabric store as I needed some more thread...the cross quilt top is almost put together.  Once I get my hands on some thread I should be able to finish it up!

That's the shopping list at the moment:  car, thread, ibuprofin.

10 February 2011

It's making me blue, Pantone 292

I caught this NPR story on Pantone and the color trends this morning: The Business of Color (give it a listen...very interesting!)

It touched on a couple of things that interest and irritate me:
(1)  Is having 1,925 colors a lot?  Maybe I'm crazy, but that doesn't seem like very many to me.  Of course, I'm a nutter and can look at hundreds of green paint chips and declare them all wrong for my office.  It's not a question of not being able to pick:  I'm very decisive and I'm looking for something specific that I would be happy to find, but it is not at Sherwin-Williams, Ace, Lowe's or Home Depot  I still haven't painted; I'm thinking of going gray, except that seems kind of trendy...which brings me to my next point. 

(2) I wish colors weren't so trend-driven.  Because of "trends,"  I either I can't find the color I want (I'm thinking here about clothing and quilting fabrics) or a color I like is everywhere and on everything---making it feel less "mine"---and thus, like what I wear and make is not a form of self-expression, but like some sort of joining/uniform-wearing/exercise in conspicuous consumption.  

Sometimes I just avoid color issues entirely...

So, what do you think?  Do you like color trends?   Does 1,925 Pantone colors seem like a lot or not?

By the way, I'm not actually feeling blue, the title of this post comes from this Magnetic Fields song:

06 February 2011

clean leather, moisturized hands

Thanks for all the recommendations for tins and cases for hand lotion. In the end, I realized that I had some nearly-empty make-up cases that would work perfectly (hooray for the $0.00 solution!)

This jar is light, closes tightly and is the perfect size to slip into my little purse organizer; this little pouch is moved from bag to bag and contains all my essentials--lotion, chap stick, migraine medicine, etc.

Also, the homemade leather cleaner (1 part vinegar, 1 part alcohol, and 2 parts water) worked a charm!  It was very easy to use, just rub on with one cloth and off with another.

It's nice to have these things cleaned up and squared away...let's just hope my Green Bay Packers can do the same at the Superbowl.  Though, I will love them either way!

01 February 2011

So far...

I've gone from this:
To this:

I find it so useful to stop and lay out blocks and see what's missing and what is too abundant. Based on what I saw here I decided to make the next batch of blocks with very few pieces of the darkest fabrics, focusing on the whites and medium greens and mixing in just a little more yellow.  I want this quilt to calm down a little.  I'm also going to include some blocks that are half-size or otherwise different from these (not exactly crosses, crosses with borders, etc).

I'm piecing these blocks as leaders-and-enders while working on my cousin's graduation quilt, which seems to be coming along nicely, but is not yet big enough to spread out and assess.