16 October 2011

oh my gourd

A month or so ago I saw a picture of a little pumpkin with vampire teeth on Pinterest (feel free to follow me over there!)
I immediately sent the image to my friend Lurky with the comment "teeeeeeeth!!!"
To which she replied "It's happpppppening!"
And this weekend, it finally did!

These are so quick and easy to do.  So rewarding for how awesome they turn out.

The plastic teeth were just a few bucks for the whole bag:
vampire teeth come cheap
I was in Walgreen's to get my headache medicine refilled when I grabbed the teeth, so I paid for these at the pharmacy window.
The pharmacist thought this was really funny, "So, any questions about the Imitrex?"
Me, "Nope."
Him, "And you just need the Imitrex and this bag of teeth?"
Me, "What more could a woman need?"

Well, googley eyes, as it turns out. But, Lurky already had those at her house.
googley bear

little buddies

whatchoo looking at?

And I pulled out some pins and pens a few times.

i love her

Aren't they awesome!  They make me so happy.

a whole herd


  1. These make me laugh, they're too funny!!

  2. Hysterical! I love this idea.

  3. Hahahahaaaa! Love it. Especially the one with the fake glasses/nose/mustache! :)

  4. LOL!!! Those are great! I saw that on Pinterest too but these are even better.

  5. I love these! The one with dentures has a very Wallace & Grommit feel.

    Definitely buying some fangs, and keeping an eye out for chattering teeth! (I suspect that Archie McPhee will have them.)

  6. These are so funny! I am totally doing this with my family.

  7. So cute!! We'll have to make some this year.

  8. HILARIOUS!!! Even my one year old was laughing at these pictures!! We'll have to try it :)

  9. Ha! That lumpy Groucho one is awesome! I predict a big run on bags of plastic vampire teeth!

  10. those pumpkins are sooooo cool.

  11. these are some awesome decorative gourds!


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