29 October 2011


You all were cracking me up with your approval of my reward beers! Growing up in Wisconsin, as I did, and having an English parent (the aforementioned mum), I was raised to know and appreciate my beers and my cheeses.  Such is my love for beer that whenever people tell me they don't like beer, I'm galvanized in my belief that they have only tried bad beer (Miller?  Bud?  I'm talking about you here.)

Now, some people really like "challenging beer"--the super-bitter or super-hoppy stuff.  Me, I mostly go for the easy-drinking ambers and browns.  On a hot day, I'll grab a lager.

My favorite's these days are...
amber: Bell's Amber (This is also the beer that I give to people who claim that they don't like beer.)
brown: Bell's Brown (Bell's is a Michigan brewery, but they do have some distribution in the midwest and the south.)
lager: Trader Jose (Trader Joe's Mexican beer)
ale: Spotted Cow (only available in Wisconsin)


  1. I am so happy you posted this. My husband brews and it is by far the best hobby he has ever had. Nothing beats hanging out with great friends while sipping a fabulous, quality beer.

  2. Ha, this was published by mistake (it was half-written over a year ago and then set with some "crazy far in the future" date). Oh well, it's out there now...I'll leave it...funny, I'm drinking a Bell's Brown right now (it's game day in Ann Arbor!)

  3. That's so funny I thought did I miss a post?!

  4. LOL Newcastle Brown Ale for me all the way! Living in NE England will do that to you :D

  5. Spotted Cow is my absolute favorite!

  6. I've recently discovered good beer and love it! My hubby and I were in Maine last month and at a place in Portland we had Sea Dog's Wild Blueberry beer … oh my goodness it was soooooo good! I'm on a quest to find out how I can get my hands on some down here in the south :)

    Right now I'm on an October kick, so it's pumpkin ale for me :)

  7. Ohh, I used to hate beer for a long time until I tried framboise. I do like fruity beers or pale ales. I really like Brooklyn Brewery beers and Otto's, which is local to me in Pennsylvania. Incidentally, I grew up in Michigan not far from Bell's Brewery and a few years ago they set up their Brewing facilities just down the street from my parents' house.


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