12 August 2011

record-breaking heat

It was 107 Fahrenheit (42 Celsius) outside when I met up with Jacquie (Tallgrass Prairie Studio) and Lauren (Aunt June) in Lawrence, Kansas.

We cooled it down with some lunch.

Then heated it back up with a trip to Sarah's Fabrics.
That's my pile.  I spent $105.  I could easily have spent more--truly excellent selection--but was trying to be good as I still had a week or two left on the road and want to be able to, you know, eat.

Jacquie, who had just announced she's moving from a big house to an apartment, was trying not to buy any fabric, but then she did (and tried to hide it in her purse).

lt was awesome to meet these ladies in person after reading their blogs for a few years and admiring their work and quilting with them in the Mid Mod Bee.  Speaking of the Mid Mod Bee...the Kelp Quilt did get pieced together finally:

kelp quilt top

I did this in June, but haven't had a chance to photograph it properly until now.  It was quite a process to decide how to put this together as I shuffled and re-shuffled the strips from my bee members.  It kept looking weird...too balanced, too unbalanced, too blah.

Ultimately, I figured out that I needed to focus on the white kelp bits, not the background colors.  This layout, you may notice has the strips with a lot of white at the bottom, the strips with the least in the middle, and the "medium" ones up top.  I love it like this. I had to make a strip, change one bee member's strip a bit (centering it), and shuffle, turn, shuffle, shuffle, turn, to sort this out.  I don't think I've ever spent that long arranging blocks. Usually, I throw the pieces on the floor, tweak a tiny bit and then I'm happy.  How long do you usually spend arranging blocks?  Does having blocks from a bee (rather than all from oneself) seem to make this longer?

Obviously, it needs squaring up.  Then, I'm thinking I'll get some solid purple for the back, orange thread for the quilting and drop it off at the quilter as soon as I'm back in Ann Arbor (this weekend, yay!)


  1. 107! really 107!
    The hottest we have had here in the south west of Scotland this year has been about 82. 107 is mind blowing!
    Love your bee quilt, it so pretty. I think the purple back will rock :-)

  2. I LOVE your quilt, very cool!

  3. How exciting that you got to meet up with Jacquie and Lauren! Love the fabrics you got.

    Also love how your kelp quilt turned out. I'd guess you made the second row as some of the kelp bits look like our AAMQG logo :)

  4. Fantastic Quilt top. Love the layout, and it is perfect for a blog post that starts out talking about HEAT!

  5. I love the kelp quilt. And, I think it is awesome that you got to meet some blog friends in person!

  6. I love that kelp quilt, I remember reading about the blocks being made.

  7. That's my neck of the woods! An afternoon at Ingredient and Sarah's? Perfect way to see Lawrence. Sorry the heat wasn't cooperating that week. It's been awful this year.

  8. Your quilt is nothing I could have come up with but is so very cool. The layout is great. I can't wait to see it quilted.

  9. Jacquie and Lauren look HOT!
    You really have been everywhere this summer. How awesome.

    Love, love, love the kelp quilt. I can't even remember my block! Funny how we ended up at different lengths. Then again, I don't think I cut mine to length...

  10. amazing, all of it. :) I forgot what I was originally going to say, but looks like you've had a lot of fun!

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  12. Love your quilt top. I like how it shades to orange in the middle. It does do that right? It isn't just in the photo?
    It's hot all over.

  13. Quilt looks amazing, the red and orange just grabs the eye! Love the part of the blog about hiding fabric in the handbag...what was impressive was the size of the handbag and the quantity of fabric in it...I must get a bigger bag!

  14. i am seriously loving your kelp quilt. and i also love the peek of fabric in jacquie's purse! what's the print?

  15. your kelp quilt looks fantastic (as does the stack of yummy fabric).

  16. This quilt looks HOT - maybe a premonition of the dog days of July & August???

  17. i love that you're going to back it with purple. great design! i can't wait to see it all quilted up...

  18. What a great graphic quilt! I'd seen a strip of it somewhere and was so curious to see how it'd all turn out. Do you have pics of the quilting on the front?


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