30 September 2010

how to make the shirt

this one:

which I usually wear like this...
because I love a long layer on the bottom of my top and a forgiving layer, too!

or you can reuse an existing t-shirt to make something like this:
by cutting up an old t-shirt that is several sizes too big.

first of all, find a couple of shirts that fit your in the way you want your new shirt to fit.
You can grab measurements from a different shirts, just lay them flat and slap a ruler on them. 
What you need are approximately "right" measurements for your shoulders, hips, the length of the shirt, and the size of the opening for your arms.

measurementreferred to as...if you wanted to make me a shirt**
width at shouldersA117"
width at hipsB18"
length down backC28"
size of opening for armsD8"
add 5" or more to A1A223"

**I'm usually a US size 10 and have more shoulder and a longer torso than most women.

Here are the two pieces of fabric you need to cut:

I have made this from oversized t-shirts and from knit yardage.  The plain green shirt is made from a knit with a bit of weight and a fair amount of spandex.  I found it at my local JoAnn's. 
I really like this fabric. 

As the other pictures show, I have also made this shirt from old over-sized t-shirts.  These are fun and more casual.  Be sure you start with a large enough t-shirt (the A2 measurement in particular can cause trouble.)

To Construct Shirt:
1. Pin the "right-sides" of the front and back together.  Pin the sides together, starting  from the bottom, stopping "D" inches from the top.  Make a 1/4" or 3/8" seam up the sides.  Be sure to backstitch at the top and bottom of your seam.

2. Turn the shirt right-side out.  Now, you are going to join the shoulders.  With the front of the shirt facing you, match up the end of each shoulder (the outside corners of the top of each piece), overlap the front of the shirt slightly over the back and stitch the shoulder together (about 3" width of overlap)
Yes, you are making a half-exposed seam.

That's  all!   Make 'em, wear 'em, sell 'em, & generally do what you will!

19 September 2010

magazines and radio and jeans

Dudes...there's a link to my blog in the new issue of Stitch!  : )

Also,  I'm going to be on Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Network tomorrow (Monday, September 20th).  The show airs at 4pm EST here: http://toginet.com/shows/creativetalkradio I'm the second guest, so you'll hear me right around 4:30.

You can catch the show live or listen to it after the fact (it is recorded and you can play it on your computer or download it to a player.)   There will also be a giveaway of some of my plexi shapes on Pat's blog, enter by Friday @ noon: http://www.patsloan.typepad.com

And here I was just minding my own business making things with cloth and running my mouth about processes and mutants and such.  Hmmm.  I wonder if I can parlay this into free beer.  ; )   Probably not.  : (

My jeans...want to see them?
Here they are.  I've spent most of the day dyeing some fabrics (blue, actually, all the pink is from an old, messy day).  I had to stop by my office to finish up some things since the ol' home computer is still not cooperting fully (stupid virus).  Its funny to be in these pants in this place.

Anyway, a tutorial on some new dye stuff will be posted soon.  I've been playing with a new book and some cotton of an interesting texture...must share!

Edited to add:
A few links to stuff we talked about in the interview:

16 September 2010

Where am I?

Well, first I was traveling a bit to see Elle get married...very cool wedding.

Then, I started a new job...very time consuming!   Does anyone know how to add hours to the day or days to the week?

Lastly, my computer got whomped by one heck of a virus.  Just when I think I've eliminated it...it comes back with a vengeance!  I have high hopes for a new virusbuster a friend gave me...we'll see, I've already tried two!

In the meantime, photos from my trip to Chicago...

03 September 2010

Modern Quilting Lecture

The video is live!  Check it out over here: http://vimeo.com/14680699

Here's what the page looks like:

Sexy, no?

Here's the description:
This lecture on modern quilting describes my journey as well as giving the lay of the modern-quilting land. I cover what I see as some key aesthetics of modern quilts, I ponder the appropriateness of the term "modern" as it applies to quilts, and generally get nerdy on a number of topics that relate---in my brain, anyway--to modern quilting.  Among them: wabi sabi, simultaneity, linen clocks, and Bewitched.

Many thanks to Running With Scissors for inviting me to lecture.  Also, to the wonderful audience! Please excuse the soft background noise, it's the building's ventilation system. Also, I'm sorry that I appear in outline most of the time, the priority was on the attendees being able to see me and see the slides; this didn't always read well on the camera.

A note to parents: there is one minor swear word in here, right after I talk about elephants.  You'll know that it's coming.  :)

While in the original keynote presentation, the credits for all photographs were visible, that is not always the case in the video. Thus, to do my due diligence to copyright, allowing anyone who sees the video to follow any of the examples to their originators, you can check out these flickr galleries, which contain the source images:

Please feel free to link to this video from your own sites.

I don't know if it is just finally getting this edited and up, or the fact that it is finally Friday, or the fact that I'm off on a mini-break to see Elle get married (!!!) but I'm very cheerful today!  Yay!

01 September 2010


Thank you all for your support.  Losing my dog was rough, but it helps to know that people understand.  Also, it makes me happy to know that so many of you have pets that you love as much as I did my dear Buzz.  So many lucky little furry creatures!

I've been able to spend more time at home this week, adjusting to the silence without getting upset.  As such, I've was able to finish latest block for the Mid Mod Bee.  This is for Jess:

I made this block for a charity project for the Brighton Modern Quilt Guild:

And a few more kelp quilt strips came in the mail, making it more and more fun to look at the clothesline strung behind my bed.

I love having these out where I can see them.  It started as a way to keep them from being crushed, but now I think I'm going to set up a permanent design wall in my living room.  Also, I start a full time job next week and its going to necessitate me crafting in dribs and drabs, rather than in lengthy sessions.  I think having a design wall will keep the dribs and drabs coming quickly.

Can anyone comment on the relative effectiveness of flannel vs. quilt batting? I want the blocks/fabric to stick to that wall and not go floating off behind the couch.