09 December 2010

are we there yet?

Lurky has been plugging away on her quilt.
But, when we spread it out on the floor to see how far she'd come, we were both surprised to discover that she was not so very far along.

Oh well, that's a better problem than not liking what you've made so far, right?

I've been wanting to make more bed-sized quilts, which probably means I'll be confronting this more and more. I finished piecing all of the cross quilt blocks that I had cut (earlier post about this quilt here).  I knew I didn't have enough blocks for a twin-sized quilt, but I had guessed that I had half a quilt's worth.  Nope, it's a third of a quilt

The idea with the fabric selection here was to make two piles: one from my stash of text fabrics, the other that ranged from orange-to-teal in a way that sort of embodied the colors of copper as it ages.  It was a somewhat haphazard fabric selection, so I'm surprised to see how well it is working.
Since this is being pieced as a leaders-and-enders quilt, pressing and cutting are really the only times where I feel like I'm working on it. Usually, it is just the byproduct of the other things I'm doing.  Tonight, I'll get some cutting in so I can come out bed-sized.

By the way, I regularly sing the PJ Harvey song, Man-Size with the word man switched out for bed. And then laugh at myself.

This is what I've actually been working on:  a humpty-dumpty stuffyfor my neighbor's soon-to-be-three-year-old.

I can't decide if Humpty needs legs.
The mock-up I made had legs, but I'm kind of digging him limbless.
He is an egg after all.


  1. The fabric patterns and colors look so great I can't wait to see the next update!

  2. Do try to include your toaster fabric in that "+" quilt! (I have 2 of the prints in your quilt & the opposite version of another - I am always chaffed to see someone using "my" fabric.)

    I vote for legs too.

  3. Love the teal fabric in humpty! He looks cute, but I think he needs legs too.My vote is for extra long ones, with spats.

  4. chaffed might have been the wrong word - I'm giddy when I see people use "my" fabric. (I apparently was trying to say "chuffed.")

  5. Love leaders and enders quilts! Your fabric selection is working lovely!


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