28 November 2010

pass the puppy

My younger brother got a puppy. Her name is Olive.
If you haven't heard from me this week, it is because I have been playing pass the puppy.

Or I've been at the fabric store (look, a shop with solids!)

Or, I've been out lunching with fellow-blogger Anna of noodlehead (she lives in my hometown).

Or, I've been spoiling my parents' 17-year-old cat, Macky.  Full name: Makanaki, after the soccer player because she used to dribble golf balls like soccer balls.
In the words a high-school friend "THAT CAT IS STILL ALIVE!?!?!?"  ha ha ha.  Macky has barely slowed down.

I did pick a winner for the thermofax screen, Laura, who said, "Less than a year ago, I dyed my first fabric with Procion MX dyes--and have been totally addicted since then."  Check your email, Laura!

And since she mention Procion MX dye I wanted to point out that you could use the Thermofax screen with thickened Procion dye (try sodium alginate or superclear).


  1. it was fun meeting up with you Rossie, I see you made your way to olive juice quilts! :)

  2. Thanks for the giveaway, I'm so happy I won!! I have some sodium alginate that I've been kind of afraid to use, now I have an excuse to try it. Looking forward to my upcoming Christmas vacation period where I can do some of these fun projects.

    My cat, Baby, is 17 years old now, too, and is still in pretty good shape--she actually started out as my daughter's kitten way back when she got her in 7th grade.

  3. new puppies, new fabric, old cats (I'm typing with an 18 year old one on my lap) -- life sounds good,


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