30 November 2010

mug painting

I finished off that messy mug...

I like it!
I have painted mugs before...

Flickr tells me these "craft night" pictures are from April 2009. I don't remember where i first learned of this paint, Pebeo Porcelaine 150, but once I saw it,  I knew I had to try it!  You can buy it online at Dick Blick, and they usually have it at Michaels if you have one of those shops in your town.

It is really easy to work with, just paint it onto ceramic or glass or metal, let it dry for 24 hours, then bake it for 35 minutes to make it permanent.

There are a lot of colors and you can mix the colors, but I have had a lot of fun with just three colors (coral red, sapphire blue, abyss black) and minimal mixing.  Three little pots have painted more than 15 mugs and there's still plenty of paint left!

My craft night mugs have been in heavy rotation for 18 months and the paint job is holding up remarkably well.  Only one shows some chipping.  Some of my favorites from the first round are mugs where I took an existing patterned mug and added color and print to it.
Doing this means I can buy thrift-store or TJMaxx mugs I like the shape and weight of even if I find them a bit ugly or dull.  Then, I paint them to suit my fancy. I had three such mugs that I did up this time around.

I also painted up a little sugar bowl and its lid.  I was thinking blood cells, can you tell?
The sugar bowl now lives in my office.  I'm forever emptying my wallet of change and needed somewhere cute to stick those nickels and dimes!


  1. ooooh! Your handpainted mugs are fantastic and I'm very tempted to try this myself. Love that you've found a beautiful way to transform an ugly mug. ;o)

  2. what a terrific idea! the kids could paint and gift something like this...thanks!

  3. Great projects for the kiddies for grandparents. Love your screenprint/hand lettered combo one - very cool. I just stinkin love all the ideas I get here! Thanks!


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