27 October 2010

What’s cooking?

Thanks for the Hash Brown Casserole recipes!
I was astounded to see what goes into those things: most have several kinds of cheese + sour cream + butter + condensed soup. I’m too cheap and calorie-phobic to follow these recipes!   I’m going to experiment with a roux to see if I can make a healthier, cheaper casserole.  I’ll report back.

Lurky came over to work on her quilt, started back in March. Why has it been so long?  Well, Lurky is a bit of a world-traveler and spent the summer in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, then returned stateside just to find herself with wedding after wedding to attend.  But, she’s finally back to living like a (relatively) normal person, so on Saturday she came over to my house to work on her quilt.

Since I’ve discovered that it isn’t possible to share the sewing machine, ironing board, and cutting board, I had set another project for myself:  switching the rooms around in my apartment.

You see, I really want to move, but I get a great deal on this place and don’t expect to be in this city much longer, so the best financial decision is to stay put.  However, as much as I know I can’t afford to move this year, I was still desperate for a big change in my living environs, so I decided to swap the office and the living room.

So, now my office is going to be in the middle of the house and the living room at the front.  This is the desk in its new location.

In its new location, the living room has a perfect spot for a design wall—previously, a heating vent was set to cause trouble!

In the “new” office, I’ve resolved to paint the walls.  These walls were white when I moved in, then purple for a few years, then I covered them in whatever I could find in the basement when I tired of the purple (ceiling paint mixed with ? cup of the latte color from the “new” living room.)  I’m thinking I’ll go with green next.  Any votes on these colors?

Okay, back to Lurky, look what she brought me from Indonesia!
Tjanting tools for batik!

Lurks took a class on batik in Indonesia and when she said she wanted to buy supplies to take home, she was put on the back of a moped and taken out into the countryside, where she purchased these tools directly from the guy that made them.  Awesome, right?  There are three different sizes of opening for making lines, dots, and fills.  I’m excited to try them out!

It worked really well to have Lurky sewing in the kitchen while I moved furniture around because she now has the basics down and just needs occasional reminders/consultations.  And since I took frequent breaks for chatting and tea, we kept each other company pretty seamlessly.

Slowly but surely, Lurks is making a fabulous quilt!  If she's lucky, I'll have the sewing stuff and design wall set up in the living room soon...she's about ready to put these blocks together!


  1. I like the toned down "California" green, very easy to live with. The "Florida" green would create a bright work space. The "Baja" green seem a bit acidic on my screen. Good luck, can't go wrong with green.

  2. I vote for the middle one. Green is a great choice!

  3. I like the darkest green, it's calming. Calming is always important in a work space, esp when it comes to ripping seams (hopefully that doesn't happen, but just in case);-)

  4. I like the two greens underneath the map use both!

  5. My vote is for bottom right. It seems to match your cutting mat.

  6. Rossie I was thinking of you last night. Reading an article in Oct Whole Living magazine on Wabi Sabi... have you seen it? Read the book she referenced?

  7. I'm digging the green under the left side of the map. Good luck!

  8. I love swapping out rooms... it works!


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