21 October 2010


My friend D-Bomb moved to Nashville earlier this year and I took advantage of a two-day break in classes to visit him.

Seeing as he's been a craft-night attendee many times over, I insisted that we craft at some point over the weekend.  On Saturday night, we went to All Fired Up! and painted some pottery.  You can bring beer and snacks!

I have to say, while painting pottery was never on my bucket list, I had a great time picking colors and a bowl to paint and putting it all together.  The bowl is still in Nashville getting fired, which will make the colors look like their proper selves (it is supposed to be orange, not peach!) and once it goes through the kiln, the bowl will be all shiny and happy.

D-Bomb made this:

 Because D-Bomb is all about the maize and blue...
We did some other artsy stuff.  We went to see the Chihuly exhibit at Cheekwood.

And we went to a small town craft fair.  I bought only a jar of Pumpkin Butter at the fair.  At another booth, I had found a gorgeous print, but felt compelled to put it back when I saw that the vendor was also selling the Confederate Battle Flag.  Now, I know it is impossible to say definitively what a symbol--particularly such a widespread symbol--means, but why, given that it means treason or racism to so many, would anyone want to peddle that particular symbol?  Needless to say, I had some "oh, I guess I'm a Yankee" moments while in Tennessee.  But, I also had a really great time and ate more than my share of Southern Food.  New favorite: Hash Brown Casserole.  When I find the right recipe, I'll let you know. 

I did eventually procure a lovely print.  D-Bomb and I went to Hatch Show Print for some letterpress goodness.

I got a print that says "Party this way" with a picture of a pointing hand.   I'm going to frame it and put in my office, pointing to my bookshelf because I'm Just. That. Nerdy.

Also, we went to a fabric store for like 10 minutes one morning.  I'm making a maize and blue quilt for my Grandma because (a) she's awesome (b) she loves those Michigan Wolverines and (c) she has moved to an assisted living facility--something that has been long overdue--and amongst the few things she has with her are every handmade thing I've made for her in the last few years.  Aw, Grandma! 

So, I was on a maize and blue fabric mission and found some beautiful out-of-print maizes! 
Random treasures are the best reason to pop into fabric stores when you are out of town.  I even found some Yoshiko Jinzenji fabric at half price (and that stuff is hard to find at full price!) 

Anyway, I've still got a ways to go on the maize and blue fabrics, so if anyone can think of fabric lines to look for online, please let me know.  I've visited the local shops and used the sort-by-color function at the online stores that have it, but that's only turned up a few prints, so recommendations are appreciated. I want to get the hue right, but value can and should vary.  That Moon Pie pictured above has the right hues.

Alrighty, back to work for me!


  1. D-Bomb is the coolest friend name ever!

  2. I was just at the Fabric Shack the other day looking for the same color to make my dad a Steelers-inspired quilt (black, gold, graphite, cream) I was looking for a masculine print and didn't find many. I did find these - Hoffman (corn yellow - a small medallion with some orangy undertones, but would probably work)Basic Grey (Origins), Riley Blake (summer song dots - yellow on maize is great) and Spectrix (catwalk - very fine dots).

    Hope this helps! Don't tell my husband I had anything to do with this UM quilt - we met at OSU. 'Nuff said.

  3. Cosmo Cricket's Early Bird Crosshatch in yellow is the right shade of maize!

    What a great trip and great fabric finds.

  4. Hash Brown Casserole

    1 (30 oz ) bag frozen hash brown potatoes
    ½ C chopped onion
    ½ C melted butter
    10 oz grated cheddar cheese
    1 can cream of chicken soup
    1 t salt & ½ t black pepper
    1 C sour cream
    bread crumbs

    Reserve ¼ C butter and breadcrumbs for the top. Mix all other ingredients together. Press mixture into a 9 x 12 Pyrex dish. Top with breadcrumbs & butter.
    Bake @350 degrees for 1 hr 10 minutes, uncovered.

    This is a starting point for the casserole I make. I use extra sharp cheddar and mix with a little poarmesan. I also mix prmesan with the bread cumbs. I also add a dash of hot sauceto brighten the flavor. I also cook the onion until clear because I have a family member that doesn't like raw onion and wants it cooked before I put it in anything.

    I know there are tons of recipes out therbut this one works for me. My husband likes me to add diced leftover ham. I usually add about a cup because he likes it that way.

  5. Sounds like a great, arty weekend!

    My husband's family has a recipe similar to this they call Party Potatoes - great with ham!

  6. Hmmmm, I was just looking at some prints from the Blossom line by Urban Chiks in the Sweet Maple colourway that I have and they look quite maize-y. Let me know if you want to swap me some fabric for them as I have a few extra FQs!

  7. Now I want to visit Nashville. Maybe we'll get to go sometime next spring.

    My boss wears a confederate flag apron around the office when she doesn't want to get her work clothes dirty. It was a "gift" from a flag vendor and is so incredibly offensive (especially when our African American mail carrier drops off our mail and she's wearing it). Good for you for not supporting that booth.

  8. I just saw a neat blue on blue circle print that was from one of the riley blake boyishy lines? Or maybe some of the Castle Peeps by Lizzy House for the blues? I've been thinking about blues for a Star Wars quilt for my son and they are a bit hard to find. Good luck.

  9. okay I make a version of this cassarole - we call it celebration potatoes or funeral potatoes here.
    Yes the real recipe is hash browns ...
    I use one can of cream of chicken soup this really seems like the most important part, that and the onion.
    2 lb red or gold potatoes ( high fiber, complex carbs and low glycemic index versus russet) half to inch chunks, half to one onion diced small,
    I add low fat milk and low fat sour cream to cook along with black peppper... some times I add mushrooms and chicken diced..
    then I bake a good long time and at the end add a layer of cheese and parm to the top to get gooey and its awesome...

    I saw that recipe above and thats the one that my aunt gave me, and the same a neighbor used...
    I got rid of the butter
    didn't add anymore salt
    no bread crumbs
    a lot less cheese
    and low fat or non fat versions of sour cream and milk ..

    to be truthful this is a no brainer casserole - use the cream of mushroom soup and add onion - you could skip the milk (which I do sometimes since we rarely have it)

  10. so funny... i was in nashville that same weekend and stopped in at textile fabrics too. loved it (but we don't have any modern fabric stores up here). funnny, we probably crossed paths a time or two.

  11. and you're from michigan? wow. I'm in west mi, i'm assuming you're over by A.A?


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