02 August 2010

on the grill

I didn't get much time on the sewing machine this week.  If fact, I think the only things I made were a few bean bags to use as little tailor's hams.  Oh, and I needed them because I was cutting into this huge length of jersey to make a shirt.  A shirt which I have failed to take picture of, even though I've worn in three times this week. Despite being made using an existing shirt as a model, the new shirt is actually a bit small across my stomach.  I've been eating far too much food.  Delicious, grilled food.  I love the foods of summer.  And grilling just makes them all better.

Given that I don't eat most meats--and rarely eat the meats that I do eat--people are surprised at how often I grill.  But grill I do.  All summer long. Grilled veggies are just so delicious.  Amazingly wonderful.

I keep garlicky yogurt in the fridge.  It's a few cloves of garlic minced and stirred into plain yogurt, greek yogurt, or even sour cream.  It gets more potent (i.e. BETTER) as time wears on.  Yum.  I put garlicky yogurt on almost every vegetable I grill.  It adds a little bit of fat to the meal (which not only helps me to feel full, but is, I believe, good for vitamin absorption.)

Grilled eggplant is probably my favorite.  I just slice the eggplant about 3/4-inches thick, use a pastry brush to cover the slices in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and then stick them on the grill for about 5 minutes on each side, re-basting with the vinegar and oil before flipping.
 This is the eggplant before it went on the grill.  I usually take it off when it is ever-so-slightly burnt.  FYI: blackened vegetables are safe to eat, charred meat is carcinogenic.

My second favorite grilled food is pizza.

That's eggplant, green olives, provolone and parsley (not yet cooked).
You can find the recipe over here.

My good friend K came over to help me eat the pizza. He brought with him some vegetables that his mother had made. I've been begging K to introduce me to his mom since the first time I ate some of her food. I want her to teach me to make vegetables the way she makes vegetables.

On pizza night, K brought this rice/leeks/carrots thing that seriously blew my mind. I'm not sure that this, or any, picture can do this food justice. It tastes so freakin' good. And it is meant to be served cold, making it perfect for sack lunches. And it's healthy.  I could go on.

Anyway, since I've been asking for five years to be this lady's vegetable apprentice, and it hasn't happened, I finally broke down and researched some Turkish cookbooks.  I was surprised to find that Turkish food is often folded into either Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cookbooks and based on the reviews, I've requested this book for the library.

So, I'll be able to try some recipes out soon.  But if anyone has personal recommendations of cookbooks with delicious Turkish vegetable recipes, please let me know!


  1. Your food looks delicious! I love grilled vegetables too. My husband bbqs them with some oregano and olive oil and I could eat a whole plateful. Sorry I don't have any Turkish recipe ideas.

  2. This looks so yummy! PS. Your pizza link is not working for me.

  3. That kind of grilling is right up my alley. Meat, stand aside! :) Hope you get to meet that great cook!

  4. delicious. I think we might be grilling zucchini for dinner tonight (and pizza if I can make dough fast enough)


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