05 August 2010

I'm out of pins.

I decided to do a leaders-and-enders quilt with liberated plus/cross blocks.
I did a lot of cutting the other night resulting in a few trays like this sitting next to my sewing machine.

I use pins as markers as well at to hold sets together.  Each block has 10 pins in it in stage one.  Hence, no pins in the pin-cushion!

If you haven't seen the tutorial for liberated cross quilts at Lollyquiltz, you should check it out.
She made this stunning quilt using her method:
That is one of my favorite quilts that I've seen on flickr/the blogosphere all year!

The method I use for constructing the crosses is very similar to what Carla (Lollyquilts) recommends.

I got through a few of the leaders-and-enders as I made this block for the Common Threads quilt bee:
 Sarah asked for texture and pops of color.  I may have gone overboard on both counts, but I had fun!

I was going to buy some more pins today, but the quilt shop didn't have rainbow ones.  I need a variety of colors for my method (umm...it involves color-coding).  But, at the thrift store across the street, I found the prettiest pyrex in the world, so I went home happy.
Tomorrow, pins!


  1. Of wow Sarah's block is amazing and that quilt is absolutely gorgeous...can't wait to see yours!

  2. I meant oh wow...not of wow!

  3. you could borrow some of my pins and we can chat about quilts over tea. Your pyrex is great -- there's a beginning of a modern quilt there!

  4. Your pyrex & textured block are both aces! I love the folded/pleated effect.
    I've been wracking my brains for a leaders & enders quilt that I would like to make - it's lovely to see someone making one that's not tiny brown squares for an Irish chain :)

  5. that IS a beautiful piece of pyrex! And great blocks as well.

  6. Love the block with the little pleated/folded parts!

  7. Your block of textures and pops is exciting. As is the crosses quilt. So much inspiration

  8. That pyrex! I've never seen that pattern before!
    This should be a fun project. Multiple quilts at once!


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