23 July 2010

sale in the shop

I was happily crafting along, snapping some photos as I went...
When my camera went dead.
It seems to be the shutter.
Which is fair enough.
I've taken 84,000 photos on my Rebel XT.
Average shutter life is somewhere in the 50,000 neighborhood.
I knew the poor thing's days were numbered.
I've been saving for new one.
But I don't have enough money yet.

And so, I bring you the BROKEN CAMERA SALE.

For one week only, FREE SHIPPING to US addresses.

International customers:   I can't do free shipping for you, but I will refund your 10% of your total cost of items after you place your order.  And as always, if you are overcharged for shipping, I will refund the difference.

So, you want plexi right? 

Now is your chance to get it at a cheaper rate.  I'm unlikely to have another sale anytime soon.
The plexi comes with directions for dyeing and discharging.
Get it while the getting is good!

Don't know what this plexi is for?  Check out my explanation over here.

Sale ends on July 30th! 


  1. Oooh moon dyeing, brilliant :)

  2. I've just ordered some circles...very excited now, off to find my clamps!

  3. I think I'm going to place an order. Will you be at BMQG on Monday night for a pick up?

  4. So sorry about your camera ... but what a brilliant fundraiser to replace it ;-)

  5. Oh NO! I am glad to see that you have a loaner camera. I did not even consider that a camera could have a shutter life. I have no idea how many photos I've shot by now.
    I hope you can find $$$ in a gutter to buy a sweet new shooter!!


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