09 July 2010

reminder for locals: Shadow Art Fair tomorrow!

More details over here.
They don't usually have any quilts, fabric, or fiber art, but the whole thing is still very cool and worth the $0.02 cost of admission! 

I won't have a table, but I will be there in the afternoon, approximately 2pm-3pm.  Say hi if you see me. There's a picture of my face over there--->
I'm 5'10" and will be wearing a polka dot dress.
; )

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  1. My heavens! I just figured out that we live in the same town - okay, I live in the township, on the shady side of the Chick Inn. I found your blog by linking through from Approachable Art. I am hoping to get over to the Shadow Art Fair on Saturday, taking a break from trying to get a quilt done for the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild's show at the end of the month. Anyway, howdy neighbor!


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