25 July 2010

more fun with markers

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[ and thank you to Dan for loaning me his spare camera in the meantime! ]

These fabric markers have a life of their own and have been weaseling their way into a number of my recent projects.

Having said that a piece of fabric Elle algipainted would make a cool napkin, I set about stitching one up.  Because of the way Elle had done her fabric painting (green grid on the slant and flowers within the grid) once I cut it and joined it to the Amy Butler print, there was a blank spot that just looked wrong.  Before I knew what was happening, a green marker was in my hand and I was filling in the blank space!  I then darkened a few other squares for a more unified look. I really like the results.

There are a million ways to make napkins.  Because I don't like ironing tiny little hems, I like to make napkins by
1. sewing two fat-quarters together almost all the way around (right sides in) with a 1/4 or 1/2-inch seam (leave a 3-inch opening along one of the sides)
2. pressing the seams open (essential for getting a neat edge)
3. turning the napkin right side out.
4. stitching right along the edge all the way around.

Since Elle isn't one to eat alone, I made a second napkin to go with the first.  The back of the first napkin (above) is from the new fabric line, Party Dress by Mo Bedell.  I really like the sweet, drawn look of the fabric, plus, it has some of the same colors as the other prints I was using.  So, I went through my stash for another piece of Party Dress with the right colors.  On the way, I found another print with the same feel as the fabrics I was already using, but it didn't have quite enough color.  Also, I wanted both napkins to have that custom/homemade feel.  As I was wondering what to do, a whole gang of markers made their way into my hands and then onto the fabric.

In no time at all I had two unique and coordinated napkins!
I was especially pleased with the napkins when they came out of the washer looking very much like they did when I put them in (the above photos are of the napkins after being washed).  As you may recall from my project with the scarves, the markers faded quite a bit when washed.  I think that maybe the quilter's cotton had a better result because of the high thread count.

My markers weren't done with me, because they also made their way into a couple of quilt blocks I made on Friday.  After reading a blog post about a young father who was fighting cancer and a friend who wanted to make a quilt to help him, I volunteered to make a couple of blocks for the quilt.

Lucia had decided on a blue and gray color scheme for Errick's quilt and asked that we please pick fabrics that weren't too feminine or juvenile. When I went through my stash...
I found a lot of fabrics that almost fit the bill.  Eventually, I settled on a big gray polka dot print and a deep blue sea print.   But I wasn't quite happy with the fabric as the polka dots looked a bit too fun for a quilt that was going to kick cancer's butt (serious business!)  So, I started filling in the polka dots with the gray markers from Dharma (I have both mist grey and grey).  Then, since I happen to know the name of Errick's tumor--it's Trudy--I wrote her name in and crossed her out.  Take that Trudy! 

These blocks are on their way to Lucia tomorrow!

I can only hope that my non-toxic markers have some serious cancer-killing vibes!  Go markers go!


  1. Rossie, I LOVE your blocks. The personal touch of adding in the crossed out "trudy" is perfect. I really appreciate you contributing blocks. Thank you!

  2. What a great napkin idea! I always burn my fingers making tiny hems.

    The Trudy circles are perfect for the quilt!


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