31 May 2010

Spring to Finish? How about...

spring cleaning? 

So, I only made it half-way through my "Spring to Finish" list.  4 of 8 were completed.

But I did make significant progress on a fifth thing:  The Code Quilt
I decided how all the blocks should be arranged (which took a long time because I had done a bad job writing down what each thing said, so first I had to decode the words/phrases!)  And I've got 3 of the 4 fields of text all ready to go.  I could have finished this.  However, on Wednesday, I was stuck with the urge to do some spring cleaning.  And when I am struck with the urge to clean, I do it.  Because urges make chores 10x less choresome. 

So instead of patchworking or quilting, I've used my spare time in the last five days going through my stuff. There's just too much stuff in this apartment!  So, I've donated clothing, and put into storage (under the stairs) some books and odds and ends that were making the place too cluttered.
But most important of all, I bought risers for my bed, which enables me to fit another layer of storage tubs under my bed, so all of my dye stuff and art supplies are in one place!
I totally think risers are the tackiest things ever, but ultimately, I decided disorganization and clutter were worse.  Besides, there's probably a way to camouflage them, right?  I actually like the bed sitting a little higher and it still feels really stable and lovely.

I numbered all of the storage tubs and wrote down what's in each tub.  Yep, I'm Captain of the S.S. Organization over here.

One thing I came across in cleaning is this broken batter bowl:
I broke this thing like 5 years ago and I keep thinking I'm going to find a project that will use it's lovely jadite carcass. Any ideas?

It's resting on my new dishmat, which has already come in quite handy.  I found those glasses at a neighbor's garage sale.  I'm not sure what they are intended for exactly, but I'm thinking martinis.
Yep, I could use one of those right now.  Let me go see if I have any olives...


  1. Decoding your code quilt made me laugh! I can totally see myself doing that - or writing down the words, but not which "code" it matched. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

    Congrats on the cleaning - it feels so good when it is done!

  2. the other thing about those bed risers.... i think they make you feel like a princess...(magically erases ANY tackiness)

    enjoy...looking forward to MORE pics of the quilt! ;)

  3. i'm not a scotch drinker but i think those glasses might be for drinking scotch.

  4. Never resist cleaning-urges -- they come too rarely for me to not take advantage of them :)

    On the risers, two words: dust ruffle. The trick is now to make (or find - if it's long enough) one that's suitably stylish.

  5. Jade batter bowl - do you garden? If so, partially bury it in the garden, plant flowers in it! The jade could add a cool accent to your garden!
    BTW, I'm knew to your blog, and am enjoying getting to know you.

  6. Hi, Rossie, I am new to your blog, via Valentina's Corner, and the "Process Pledge". I wanted to see what that was all about. I am, somewhat abashedly, a hand applique, needleturn, hand quilting, dinosaur, and I love it. Only recently have I become intrigued by blogs with buttons disclaiming "fresh, modern, hip, comtemporary" quilts............and I fear I have been sucked in. So far, it amounts to purchasing a lot of fabrics that fall into the above catagory (IMHO) But, your blog is now a favorite, and we shall see if an old dog can truly learn a new trick, or two. Thanks, Michele

  7. Hi Rossie...I am new to your blog and love modern quilts! I've been a traditional quilter but find the tediousness of cutting and looking at patterns discouraging so I tried making an "improv" table runner just to see what I could come up with....and I loved the spontaneity of the "pattern". Now, I'm really hooked :) My question for you is: how do you put together a large piece with all the negative space and colored random pieces here and there to make it a modern quilt? I just haven't figured out how to do that. Do you have a tutorial or can you recommend one to me? Thanks :)

  8. Hi Colleen: I'm not sure that I have ever seen a tutorial on that. Maybe I'll whip one up sometime soon. Stay tuned! Rossie

  9. Well, now couldn't you get some interesting batik shapes out of that bowl? The half circle? The spout?

  10. Shots... of anything highly alcoholic and yumm!

  11. ah, I love it when the organization bug bites. It makes my brain even feel better. I like the idea of the jadite bowl in the garden. And the code quilt is too cool. I can't wait to see it completed.

  12. Thanks Rossie...I'll be watching for it :)

  13. My first thought about the broken bowl was to break it up further, add some other broken bits of favorite glassware or pottery, and make yourself a mosaic mirror frame or birdbath or whatever you have room for. Using it in the garden or even a planter would be fun though.

  14. Paint a kitchen or dining room scene with a table and then put the pitcher on the table...and frame it.

  15. you can have a martini without the olive.....i'm just saying......


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