27 May 2010

Have I introduced you to Buzz?

Here he is: my goofy boy.
He turned four years old this week.
I didn't throw him a party
Or buy him any presents.
Good thing he's a dog and doesn't know any better.
I'm sure if he was a person he'd be demanding some cake.
As it is, he's happy just to get his daily walks and snuggles.

But, in recognition of Buzz's big day, I've got something for the pet owners amongst you: a badge for your front door!

This badge tells firefighters that you have pets that should be saved if there's a fire.  You should be able to click on the above photo and then print it out.  Let me know if that's not the case and I'll fix it.  I'm not reserving any copyrights on this so repost, give away, do whatever you want with the image.

The one on my door has the following information on it:  "one dog (60 pounds) on first floor"   "please call 734-555-1234"
It gives me great peace of mind to know that it is taped to the glass of my front door.

I spent the evening of Buzz's birthday at my first-ever Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  It was a lot of fun.  It confirmed for me the importance of being inclusive--allowing everyone access to the label of "modern quilter."  It sounded like a lot of people had been given hairy eyeballs in other quilt guilds even though their quilts look (to me) quite traditional.  My internal monologue was all "that's such bullsh*t!  why would someone be snobby about a quilt?"  and then "gosh, I wonder if I'm kind of like that sometimes.  oh dear."  I still think it is important to start identifying the different quilting styles within the modern quilting world, but that sorting has to be explicitly about the QUILTS and not the QUILTERS.

Yesterday, after seeing this post on Noodleheads (a blog). I whipped up a dishmat of my own.  I don't have a dishwasher, and since I love to cook, I'm forever washing more dishes than fit in my rack, so this is perfect.  I put some blocks that I made when trying to puzzle out a technique on the front, a piece of toweling on the back, did some really light quilting, then bound it up.
It's in the laundry basket at the moment.  I'll get a better picture when it's clean and in use.
I do think it's the perfect use for extra blocks and little experiments!


  1. Your dog is a border collie, isn't he ? I've got one they're wonderful dogs !

  2. Hello Buzz! You look like a friendly, happy boy. You'd like my quilting assistant Jada. She's a 103 lb rottie that lays on all my material for me to make sure it's OK. I'm not really sure what she's testing it for but she has the title of "quality control assistant." That seems to make her happy.

    It was just her fifth birthday last Friday and she had a nice long walk and got to chase a bunny for a while. It was a good day :)

  3. My GSD has a ball just like that, and I can honestly say it's the only 'dog toy' other then a Kong that's lasted more than 2 weeks (both have lasted for years).
    Love the dishmat - off to check the blog you've linked.

  4. It's Buzz! Ok so, I had subscribed to her dog has a blog ages before I found you here. I absolutely loved the photos and stories there. And it was pure coincidence of surfing through quilting and crafting blogs that I found you here. I had no idea both blogs were authored by the same individual until there was one post in which you had said something about ignoring the dog partly in the photo and I thought to myself, "I think I recognize that dog!" and went back to her dog has a blog to double check.

  5. Nathalievan: Yes, he's a border collie. Or at least mostly border collie (he's from a shelter, and he's WAY bigger than a typical BC). Gorgeous dogs if they are with the right people, but man are they hard wear out. Buzz was bouncing off the walls yesterday because it was too hot to walk for more than 20 minutes.

  6. Happy happy birthday to Buzz and thanks for the badge! I have two boxer babies that I adore (even though my pet name for one of them is "rotten dog").

  7. Happy Birthday to Buzz! And hooray for shelter dogs and the families who love them!

    Thanks for the "In Case of Emergency" badge. I have one that clings to the window, but I like this one better and will be using it from now on because you left room to indicate more than the number(s) of pets at home. Great idea. Here's an idea from us: we have leashes hanging near the door through which a firefighter would likely enter, to help them lead our dogs out in case of emergency.

    I am new to this blog but think I've found kindred spirits: posts about dogs and quilting are a perfect fit for me.

  8. Lucky Buzz! And what a handsome fellow he is too. :- )

    Just want to add my thanks for the food for thought in your Process Pledge and related posts. I don't find it hard to believe the attitudes other quilters have encountered in guilds and at shows. It's one reason I have to be grateful to be homebound. Nevertheless, they're out there, and I applaud every effort to combat them.

  9. Buzz is such a cutie. Thanks for the pet sign.


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