20 May 2010

Giveaway winner & fixed badges

And the winner is:
Jessica of Narnia Mum

Thank to everyone who entered! I read each and every comment and got some great gift ideas! Given what my grandma's already got, her physical limitations, and the fact that I live 400+ miles from her,  I think I'm going to do a photo project.

I gave my grandma a quilt last December:
( Half-square triangles were not pieced, but made by dyeing and discharging charm squares with half-square triangle plexi resists over 1/2 of each charm.)

And she's got a few other handmade bits I've made over the years, too...
These are Spool Birds (I would link, but their blog looks broken?) with magnets in their bellies on a stick with magnets in the woodgrain straps.  My grandma keeps these on her TV cabinet with the quilt displayed behind; she sees them every day.  : ) 

Housekeeping (fixed badges)...

Ach! There was a glitch with the process pledge badges that caused some of them to generate a 404 error. I do believe I've fixed them now, so if you put a badge on your blog, please update the html using what is now in the post:

sorry peeps.

Thanks to KT for letting me know something was amiss.


  1. what a gorgeous quilt! i never would have guessed that it wasn't pieced. it's lovely! and the birds are superb, too!

  2. I love value quilts, and I love your take on it. Itajime shibori is new to me, but your quite convincing here, I think I need to educate myself...
    ; ))
    (thank you for fixing the pledge script.)

  3. your non-HST quilt is amazing...that's so cool what you can do with dye and discharges and things. Malka's book is on its way to me and I can't wait to get started with some new techniques.

  4. That is a pretty cool quilt. I just love it this way.

  5. I love the dyed/discharged charm squares! Oh -- one day! And I've seen little sewn, stuffed birds before and thought -- yeah, cute -- but yours on that curved stick are really extraordinary!

  6. This quilt's cleverness always amazes me. I love it and gran must too!

  7. Oh my gosh your birds are ever so cute. I think your gram must b eso, so happy!!!

  8. Thanks guys.

    You should have seen my dog the day I was tramping through the woods looking for a suitable bird stick. He was very confused...I'd never shown a particular interest in sticks before!

  9. Your value quilt is fascinating, I love how it tricks the eye into thinking you've pieced HSTs!


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