10 April 2010

Target Hack

I'm always on the lookout for a good bag in a good color at a cheap price.
Which is why I picked up this little mustard number when I saw it at Target for $13.
However, given that I didn't love the flop, I figured I'd be making at least one modification to it.  In the end, I decided to not only chop off that flop but also add another pocket to the front.  So now I have this:
I altered the opening by first doing a simple line of straight stitching around the top just above the line where the straps connect. This helped me keep the lining place when I cut off the excess fabric.  I then bound the top like I bind a quilt.
I made the pocket and binding out of Anna Maria Horner's upholstery fabric "volumes."  The pocket was made by stitching two rectangles of the fabric together, leaving a small opening to turn it outside out, pressing, turning it outside out, pressing again, then stitching around the edge to close the opening and create a more finished look. 

I affixed the pocket to the bag by machine stitching down two-and-a-half sides of the pocket.   Where the pockets overlapped, I stitched by hand so that I could attached the new pocket to the mustard pocket without closing the mustard pocket.
 I'm tremendously pleased with the end result.  I feel very springy with my bright new bag.


  1. Wow, I like! Very creative. Sounds like stuff I do all the time. Cheap stuff from wal-mart and target, then add your own touch! Or buy something cute, but it doesn't fit well or fit cute. Modify it so it fits cute, and voila, you have something cute and well fitting. I am impressed with your bag! Blessings, Erin

  2. Looks great! Those bits of color really livened it up.

    I am such a chicken when it comes to altering purchased items.

  3. Your bag is pretty fabulous. And you actually did it! That's the kind of thing that even if I bought it thinking I would change it, I would never get around to it!

    And thanks for visiting my blog. I can't believe I accidentally put the navy in that block! Apparently I'm not finished experimenting with blue yet. I tried to think of a way I could justify leaving it in there (e.g., there is a flower print with a pale blue in there), but I just couldn't fool myself, and certainly didn't want to send it off to someone else. I got the fabric yesterday and made the blocks last night. Maybe I just went a little too fast....

  4. Love it! I can only wear over the shoulder bags like that right now, so I'm on the lookout. Too bad it is one of a kind and the original is from target. Thwarted! But I can admire yours.

  5. Nice work! I'm loving that mustard color...

  6. It turned out great! Love the punch of color on there. And that volumes fabric is a perennial fav of mine.

  7. What a great bag! That book fabric is the perfect addition to the bag.

  8. looks great. way way WAY better with your creative touch.


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