01 April 2010

So, I started this little Flickr group...

and one thing led to another...and now we have 2000 members.  And so I decided to organize a little celebratory giveaway and one thing led to another...and we ended up being able to offer 29 of the best prizes ever. If you are into awesome stuff like this...

or this...
 you might want to enter to win. If so, go on over to Flickr and say hi!


  1. what a great giveaway! I've already entered! Thanks for arranging it, and thanks to all the wonderful prize sponsors!


  2. oh - thanks for the reminder - I saw it last night but didn't want to be number one - they never win :-)
    Watch now that I say that, number one will win - ha ha!

  3. You are so amazing to organize all this. Your flickr group is what really got me started quilting so I owe you a ton! Thanks so much.

  4. Thanks for starting up this group! It is such a great source of inspiration!


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