29 April 2010

the continuing adventures of my to do list

two down, six to go!

I did the dyeing for the full stops quilt.  These came out darker than I intended, but it has lead me to a new plan with my Full Stops Quilt...I'm not going to piece the circles, I'm going to use itajime, dye, and bleach to achieve them.  I'll put that on the list for June!

I didn't lay out a special reward for this dye project, but don't worry, I'll be treating myself quite nicely this weekend because I've just successfully defended my dissertation (the last big step!) So, it's going to be good beer and good food and good friends all weekend.
Plus...The University of Michigan's commencement speaker this year is President Obama and I get to go see him speak!  Yay!
Plus...my mum is coming to see me and Obama and is also going to treat me to tickets to the Broadway musical "Spring Awakening."  Fanciness all around!

I'll be back after the weekend with a report!  And maybe I'll even have another part of my to-do list to cross off!  In the meantime, if you have a spare moment, please go and vote for my friend's photo on the Jones Soda website.  If she wins her photo could appear on a Jones Soda label...this would be awesome because her photo records her amazing kindness and generosity.  As she says on the website, "For the last ten years, I have dressed up as "the Valentine Fairy" on Valentine's day and have spent the day giving out valentines to strangers. I started doing it because I felt that Valentine's day made some people feel left out. I continued to do it once I learned how happy it made people. In this picture, my sister and I are giving out silk roses, chocolates, and cards to unsuspecting community college students. We gave out over 500 valentines that year."

Isn't that awesome?  For the last two years I have helped to make these valentines and seen photos of her spreading Valentine's cheer in hospitals, hospices, and old folks' homes!   

Click here to vote for the Valentine's Fairy!



  1. I loved it when you said "it has led me to a new plan" - my favourite thing about quilting is you start with one plan, then it changes, then it's different the next day. I love those colours by the way. Already I have a quilt taking shape in m head with those colours!

  2. Congratulations on the dissertation and graduation! What a wonderful accomplishment.

    I hope the weather holds for your graduation and Obama. We are making plans to avoid the area around the stadium on Saturday.

  3. Congrats on a successful defense. You must feel great. I'll drink a beer for you too.

  4. Congratulations on your defense and graduation! I hope you had (are having) a wonderful time with your mom!


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