11 March 2010

a little furniture shuffle

I had been keeping my eyes open for something that would help me organize the plexi I have in my shop.  The old system worked well when I had only 10 offerings, but since I keep adding shapes, I was getting a bit disorganized...not my natural state!

Then, Costco (my love for Costco is pretty endless) sent me an email that contained a picture of this:

And it was on sale.  And while a bit ugly, I knew it was the best, cheapest option that was going to present itself

The problem?  The corner of my apartment it would fit in was already occupied.
I decided to sleep on it.  The next morning I had a plan:
Buy the bin rack, put it in the corner of the office.
Take what had been in that corner and put the tall shelves in the kitchen, next to the fridge:
Take the shorter shelf, which is actually a Vika Furusund table leg from Ikea.  And, together with it's partner, which HAD BEEN next to the fridge...
 make a permanent sewing table for the living room (I haven't done that part yet).
Does anyone have one of those modular tables from Ikea?  Do they just have you screw the legs to the table top?   I ask because I think I'm going to buy a table top from Lowe's or Home Depot as they are a few bucks cheaper and 15 miles closer.

So far, I'm loving the furniture shuffle.

I can't wait to have a permanent sewing table.  I've got plans to make a scrap bin and a trash bin to fit in those Vika Furusund legs (where doggy snouts can't reach them!) 

First project: a cover for the technicolor bin rack!


  1. That bin looks like the perfect solution for your stuff.

    I have the IKEA table that screws into four legs and it's worked great for me for the past three years. Here's a pic (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jrcraft/4404588221/)

  2. That rolling cart is so neat! I've seen one at Sam's that is similar, except about five times bigger and just as ugly, actually worse since it's all grey. But that is a very cool storage solution for your plexiglass pieces. I just found your blog and the modern quilt group on Flickr today and LOVE it! Totally inspiring!



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