17 March 2010

The Green Quilt

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I love that almost everyone wears green on St. Patrick's Day.  I wish there were more days where everyone wore the same color. It's like we're all on the same team and the sport is happiness.

I finished the binding on the green quilt last night, threw it in the wash, then laid it out flat to dry overnight.  I decided that I needed to photograph it in front of this yellow bakery.  The bakery is in a busy part of town not far from my place. I called around to see if any of my friends were free and I *love* that I had more than one volunteer for my funny little mission.  This is outside in the middle of the day at a busy intersection.  People are awesome.

Some details on the quilt:
1. It is a riff on a quilt by Denyse Schmidt that can be seen here.
2. I think that block of patchwork on the right is too high.  It bugs me a little.
3. It's 50" x 56"
4. The green is Moda's Dill Green, the binding is Moda's Lime Green.
5. The back is red and magenta batiks.  I like it best when this quilt is tumbled up so you can see the front and the back together.

6. I didn't quilt this myself.  I had the long-armer do it.  I asked for vertical lines in lime green thread about 1cm apart with slight variations in the width. And that's what I got! : )

7. The patchwork bits contain some fabric that was clamped and dyed and some I stamped with a little bunny from The Small Object (love her stuff!)  The dyed blocks are not so sharped-edged because I used found objects to make the shapes (In most cases, some MDF scraps).  Have to say, unless I really wanted this look, I wouldn't use MDF again, it really soaked up the dye and got warped and smelled vaguely bloody.

8. The Green Quilt is a wedding present.  It began as a postcard, given on the day of the wedding.  The newlyweds got to make a few choices and then mail the postcard to me.  It's off to its new home tomorrow! Bon voyage, Greenie!


  1. I love this quilt - that green is so amazing....I may have to do one very similar (if you don't mind!)....it is seriously so beautiful!!

  2. Copy away! I'm going to do another version of this one myself with that pile of yellow and pink fabrics. Except this time I'm going to applique the patchwork to a wide piece of brownish linen. It's super fast to do, you'll love it!

  3. Beautiful! And I love the idea behind your surprise wedding gift. So creative :)

    I might need to copy it too. I'm all about getting a quilt this cool done fast!

  4. I love it! And I like your thoughts on everyone wearing the same color more often, but I think it should always be green!

  5. Great work, Rossie!
    Even I wore green today and you really can't get less Irish than me.

  6. rossie, love your green quilt. will have to make one. just love it.

  7. I'm so in love with this quilt. that green is so alive! and the pops of pink are so great.

    that postcard is so awesome!

  8. Well, you should have been in Canada during the Olympics - it was a sea of red.
    Good finish. I really like the back/front contrast in colours.

  9. Love the quilt design, love the quilting itself - and the wee little feet at the bottom :-)) Please tell about the magnificent person sitting next to the quilt - is she wire ?? Absolutely stupendous along side your quilt

  10. What an awesome quilt! I love the green and the patchwork squares and the parallel line quilting.

    That's such a cute idea to do a multiple choice gift questionnaire...I'm going to have to borrow your idea.

  11. Very nice! I like your block placement, it looks balanced.

  12. What a great quilt! I love your gift postcard idea - it has just enough questions to help, but not so many that the recipients have to be designers themselves.

    My kids love that bakery but we rarely go there as we live on the other side of town.

  13. Love the green as well as the back. Great job. I am trying to simplify my quilts, but try as I may, I am just obsessed to keep going!

  14. Thanks again everyone.

    Barbara, the woman on the bench is made from wire and she's a mermaid! the artist's name is Stef Kopka. Much of the bakery's exterior has wire forms attached to it. I have a friend who knows Stef and has the cutest little giraffe sculpture.

  15. Can you give me the contact info of the long arm quilter you used? I'm in the market for some parallel stitching like this :)


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