29 March 2010

Can you stand it?

Look at what my friend made in just a few short hours yesterday!
She started the day knowing how to sew and having used a rotary cutter, but never having done patchwork.  She likes the style of Gee's Bend quilts, so there was a goal in mind and a direction to head in. She had four pieces of fabric from the shop and access to my scrap pile.

Awesome results, right?

I showed her 1/4" seams, pressing, and chain stitching.  Then I had her join up fabric in pairs while I busied myself with other things.  I worked with her a little bit when it came time to turn little bits of patchwork into larger units, but for the most part, she didn't need guidance.  I think I mostly just helped her avoid learning things the hard way (you know, seams going every which way). 

I can't wait to see her make more units and finish up this stunning quilt!  She wants more angles in the next bits, so I showed her how to stack-and-whack just before we finished for the day.  The phrase "stack-and-whack" made her giggle.  Also, "fussy cutting."  I guess quilt-speak is kind of funny.  : )

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  1. Fantastic! You have a talented friend, and you must be a talented teacher!


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