16 February 2010

Quilting Bees and Guilds

If you read many quilting blogs, you've probably noticed all the buzz about The Modern Quilt Guild.

Man-o-man do I wish there was one in my area. Unfortunately, there isn't, and I can't see myself starting one because chances are very high that I will be moving to a new city in the next six months. : /
But maybe my new locale will have one! : )

If you are like me, feeling guild-less, but unable to do much about it, perhaps you would enjoy a quilting bee. Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson! recently wrote a great post about online quilting bees.  It includes lots of great information on where to find one, how to choose one, and what to expect; go ahead and read it over there.

I joined a quilting bee this year. Specifically, Common Threads.

It has been a lot of fun so far, especially since this bee is full of people that just throw out a general idea of what they want and a few guidelines and let the bee members run with it...to me, that's the point of having other people involved, for their creativity more than their labor.

December was Carissa's month. She asked for bookshelf blocks, constructed of scraps and white. She sent out the white to everyone and scraps to those who asked for them. I have a drawer full of scraps so I just needed the white.

I had too much fun, putting these together. I kept thinking about what sort of books would have these fabrics for covers and then I started putting the "books" with "similar topics" together.   Thus, we have a section of cook books...

gardening books, and books on mid-century modern design.

In this photograph, the books to the left and the right are novels. Those in the center have titles like "Parenting Your Teen." Oh dear.

Jacquie is working on a cross quilt and sent out reds and whites. No funny stories to go along with these, but they do make me laugh because I was watching "Lost" while piecing them and every time I see them I think about "Lost" and how someone described it as similar to "getting really drunk and reading a choose-your-own-adventure book from back to front."


  1. I really did gasp when I saw your book blocks! I recently made a version of the Tula Pink pattern 'Spiked Punch' and was so in love because it looked like big tall stacks of books. But these are even better and bookier! I've never heard of this block--is it someone's original design?

  2. You really did have fun with those bookshelf blocks! You're well on your way to a whole library!

  3. Britt: It's Carissa design. She posted a sketch of it on the common threads blog on January 4th (for some reason, this won't let me linkt). Stacked books and shelved books are a form that I've seen floating around for a while, I love Carissa's interpretation!

  4. I love your books, rossie! Especially Parenting Your Teen.... ah, a classic.


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