22 February 2010

odds and weekends

I usually get things done on the weekend.  Crafty things. Not this weekend.  No, first I was stuck in bed with some crazy bug, then I had to go to work and knuckle down to meet some deadlines.  Booooo....all I got to craft was daydreams.

This week, after months of checking the thrift shops for an electric frying pan I finally found one!  Just $5.99 from the Salvation Army.  And cute, no?
 This means that I'm almost ready to try out some batik!  I need to buy the wax and find a stockpot and then I will be all set.

I'm daydreaming of this making a batik version of this hand-printed textile by Jenny Bergman (you can read about it on True Up.)
If that fabric were for sale, I would buy it in a heartbeat.  Since it is not, I'm going to try a batik version.  Hopefully, it will play nicely with this fabric pile:
 See, daydreaming!

Oh, I guess I did sew one thing...I tried out a 6-minute circle:
You can get a lesson on this method from on hgtv's website.  I found it pretty easy to do and I like how it looks.

I'm wondering if anyone has tried this with ovals?  Egg shapes?  What are the limits?

My library doesn't have this book (Pieced Curves So Simple: The 6-Minute Circle and Other Time-Saving Delights) but I filled out an inter-library loan request, so maybe I'll be able to check it out soon.


  1. I have done that technique with ovals, not circles. It works well. You can see it on my Footballs of Destiny quilt.

  2. Sorry that you had a bug-a-boo. Hope you are feeling much better now.
    The fry pan is a great find, have tons of fun batik-ing!

  3. I've been looking for an electric frying pan at thrift stores, too, after receiving Malka D's Color Your Cloth book for Christmas. Still haven't found one, but I will. Let us know how your batik experiments turn out!


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