28 February 2010

more blocks for the quilting bee

Nadia sent out some very cute fabrics and asked us to make simple-yet-modern 12" blocks for her new baby's quilt. One point of reference that she gave was Elizabeth Hartman's style (Oh, Fransson!). Since I have Elizabeth's "Mixed Tape" pattern, I looked through it again to remind myself of the blocks: super straightforward rectangles used to great effect.

I think it is the perfect choice for fabrics like this where you really want to show the fabric and not have too much other distraction.

ETA: Just noticed that there is a new Oh, Fransson! pattern coming out. You can enter for a chance to win a copy here. These patterns are really well written. Very complete and well-illustrated instructions; great for beginners and experienced quilters alike!

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  1. That woodland creature fabric is SO cute!


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