01 January 2010


When I first moved into this apartment, there was no curtain for the front window.  So, as a temporary measure, I clipped up a wide piece of muslin.
Four years later it was still there.
Unsightly, no? I'll keep it small to spare your delicate eyes.
And yet, it was lovely in its own way, as it let in so much light.
And I'm the only one that uses the front room--it's my office--so I wasn't so worried about it.

Well, last week, my bedroom curtain fell off the wall and in order to fix it, I switched out the curtain rod and had to sew a bit.  It was maybe 20 minutes of work, using materials that I had on hand, and I loved the result.  It made me realize how much I might appreciate it if I actually did something about the office window.

I had this bit of fabric that I wanted to use:
I had purchased this fabric because I loved the green growy bits. This fabric has *almost* been in a number of quilts, but always ends up getting pulled out.

I had an idea to bind a piece of fabric with strips of the green bits.  Because the window is almost 5' wide, I wasn't sure if I would have anything suitable in my stash...until I remembered this seafoam-colored linen remnant that I had tucked away:

And ouila!
The vines go up each side and meet in the middle of the top.
I'm digging it!


  1. Lovely to see your new blog-I'll add you to my google reader!
    That is some beautiful linen. It's amazing the things we just start to live with because we just cease seeing them. I have this wall of photographs that are U-G-L-Y and I keep meaning to change them.....

  2. Thank you so much! I look forward to blogging here; its an idea I've been playing with for quite some time. As for the old curtain...I know, can't believe it was up for YEARS!!

  3. i am digging it too. and i am digging your new blog. so fun to find you here. and congrats on the true up win!



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